For holidaymakers who like to experiment, accommodation cannot be bizarre enough. The times when hotels only differed in price and comfort are long gone. Those looking for something special can spend the night in former prisons or old barrels, live in caves or freeze in igloos. Or sleep under the stars like Euromaxx reporter Josephine Günther – in a converted cable car gondola on the Piz Nair near St. Moritz at 3,000 metres above sea level. Here she could enjoy the mountain world all alone – because at 4 pm the last day’s guests leave the mountain by cable car. 

Now we would like to know from you: What is the most unusual place where you have spent the night?

Was it in a sleeping beach chair right by the sea? Maybe high up in the trees, in a tree house? Or something completely different? We are looking forward to your answers. With a bit of luck you will receive a wristwatch in the exclusive Euromaxx design as a thank you.

The closing date for entries is 21 August 2020, 12 noon UTC. Legal action is excluded. Good luck!