On a call with reporters Monday, the Trump Campaign sought to prebuttal remarks expected later from Vice President Joe Biden in Pittsburgh where Biden is expected to argue President Trump “can’t stop the violence” in American cities “because for years he has fomented it.” 

The call, which was led by Trump Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh, also featured Senior Adviser to the campaign Jason Miller, New York Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch, and Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe. Slupe opened the call with the explosive claim that the people that are protesting now are not President Trump supporters but rather Joe Biden supporters.

“They are ruining America,” Slupe said Monday. “They’re not peaceful demonstrators as they keep saying, peaceful means quiet, holding up a sign. These demonstrators are burning buildings, looting businesses, ruining their towns.”

Miller kicked off his portion of the call telling reporters, “I’d like to start out by pointing out the Joe Biden is clearly rattled after months of hiding in his basement and failing to stand up for the radical left wing mob that’s taking over his campaign.”

“Biden has got his poll numbers tanking and his allies are panicking there’s several good stories on this today, the Hill, Politico and others, and this is the only reason why finest leaving his Delaware basement,” Miller continued. “But Joe Biden’s trapped. He can’t condemn the radical left wing mob and groups like Antifa even the ‘Defund the Police’ movements because they’re his political base.” 

Murtaugh closed the call with a full-throated defense of the president’s supporters, following a series of tweets that seemed to indicate the president’s support for acts of violence against protesters in Portland. 

“The President has never condoned violence of any kind, in American cities, American on American violence is unwarranted, uncalled for, and should be condemned wholly and fully,” he said.

The President has yet to condemn a 17 year old supporter who allegedly shot and killed two protesters last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin.